Welcome to the WWW's premiere digital pet funeral parlor

To proceed with
a service, simply
lay the departed
on top of your
wait for the
digital morticians
to arrange your
pet's service and
assemble the

When the
appears, please
enter her/his/its
vital data as
(by typing or clicking)

After making
a selection,
click the enter

button on the
digi-mortuary to

  stay in touch with your digitally departed pal!  
go to
  to arrange another funeral, please reload the page  
In light of the growing popularity of digital pets with the children of the world, and experiencing, through our own children, the emptiness left by the abrupt departure of one of these friends . . .

we offer this as a service, a distraction, a mild poke in society's eye
& an opportunity to show our stuff!

we also remember how much we enjoyed those little pet funerals as children

Please go here D-3to find out more about us.


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